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The update:19.06.20 by @LeonaMla. No +ve case for 8 weeks; 981 test results,13 +ve, all recovered; Domestic travel restrictions lifted; Cafes & Pubs reopen; Antibody testing start; Quarantine remains. See for

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I thought these Tim Tams would be the perfect prop to help me make an important point. Which is that this country is being run by a superficial, infantile charlatan.

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As a new book alleges Donald Trump thought Finland was controlled by Russia, Finnish authorities say to be fair they thought the same about him.

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Archi version 1.0 was released on 18th June 2010.

Archi is 10 years old today. Happy Birthday!

It's still going strong all these years later, downloaded around 6,000 times a month. Thanks to everyone!

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The Prime Minister just referred to DFID as a giant cashpoint in the sky. That kind of language shows that he has no understanding at all of the important work that DFID does or of the difference it has made to countless lives.

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Providing meals for hungry children is not as simple as Marcus Rashford makes it sound.
There are some very real and challenging obstacles in the way, such as the fact that Tories don't give a toss about poor people.

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Anyone else sleeping exceptionally badly at the moment?

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In March, PM Boris Johnson claimed that antibody testing in the UK would be a “total game changer” and “as simple as a pregnancy test”. Neither assertion has turned out to be true. (today’s FT) via @FinancialTimes

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.@BorisJohnson: "The best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox.... would be to get Brexit done".

You make me sick.

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Raab: “Scientists and medics unable to attend press conferences now because they have a huge amount of work to do unlike the last couple of months where they’ve had nothing to do but play cards and go on TikTok.”

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@ballantine70 There is no-one at the top of the current government who doesn't fill me with dread, to be honest. They're all cut from the same extreme right wing cloth and share the same fundamental belief in their genetic superiority.

It's an ideological vicious circle which won't end well.

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