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So you completely fail to achieve your promises and the solution is to stop publishing the data which demonstrates that? Lack of integrity is becoming the norm not the exception theguardian.com/politics/2020/

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URGENT: Calling all FOSS technologists: You may not have heard of @OpenTechFund@twitter.com, but it's likely you've benefited from their work - they seeded vital secure projects like Signal & Tor. Their mission is at risk and if we don't act we'll all pay the price. saveinternetfreedom.tech/

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The EARN IT Act will let Attorney General William Barr ban strong encryption. We need to stop it, and there’s a Senate vote next week. act.eff.org/action/stop-the-ea

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A Tory Minister confirms you can have special access if you attend Tory fundraisers. Richard Desmond paid £12,000 for his ticket to sit next to the Housing Secretary. This whole scandal stinks. twitter.com/labourpress/status

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When Cummings didn't go we all learned we didn't need to abide by the law. If Jenrick doesn't go we will learn too that political corruption doesn't matter. This is the country Johnson is making for us. A cesspool.

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