Earlier today @tetradian wrote "I'm _always_ learning. I never will stop learning...." That's a great attitude and a way of being.

Members of the public need to know how to deal with sh1tty cops.
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Police in Texas go on a power trip & pepper spray a father for no reason

.@BorisJohnson comb your f@(king hair you scruffy slouch, show some respect to the servicemen and women.
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No virus will stop us from honouring the memory of the servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

Today, as every day, we will remember them.


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The update:19.06.20 by @LeonaMla. No +ve case for 8 weeks; 981 test results,13 +ve, all recovered; Domestic travel restrictions lifted; Cafes & Pubs reopen; Antibody testing start; Quarantine remains. See fig.gov.fk/covid-19 for more.facebook.com/FITVNews/vid

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I thought these Tim Tams would be the perfect prop to help me make an important point. Which is that this country is being run by a superficial, infantile charlatan.

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.@BorisJohnson: "The best way to honour the memory of Jo Cox.... would be to get Brexit done".

You make me sick.

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Raab: “Scientists and medics unable to attend press conferences now because they have a huge amount of work to do unlike the last couple of months where they’ve had nothing to do but play cards and go on TikTok.”

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The USA is an authoritarian police state where the cops, a militarized occupation force, execute mentally ill homeless people in broad daylight for not following their orders.

Never listen to anything the US regime ever says about foreign "dictatorships"

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Even by Bootneck standards this was impressive. 56 miles in 3 days across horrendous terrain. In the middle of a South Atlantic winter. Carrying 100+lbs of kit... And then assault enemy positions at the top of a mountain at the end of it. Awesome. 🇬🇧

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Seriously, has anyone seen these guys?
They’ve disappeared from the press conferences and neither have tweeted since last week.

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After a long haul, what better way to relax into that , than with a bottle of , or @falkland_whisky from the world's most southerly & distillers. in the reopen on June 19th fidistillers.com

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"The must create a region-wide secure standard for online communications to avoid discussions between officials being hacked by either criminals or foreign governments", says 🇪🇪 DefMin Jüri Luik @MoD_Estonia.

Ehm, you mean something like @matrixdotorg ?

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“the do nothing democrats will do anything...” these text messages are a parody of themselves

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In case you missed the @Conservatives Robert Halfon Hitler cover-up.

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