@mastohost how do I unfederate from instances I don’t want to federate too?

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@duncanhart You can go to Preferences->Moderation->Federation and search for the name of the instance and then click to see details (if you don't see it listed you can click the "Add New Domain Block" at the top).

Then you can either silence of suspend the domain.

@WilliamMcGirr Well, you can either get a free subdomain when you sign up for your server or buy a domain from a domain registrar like or any other of the many available. If you do a search engine search for "domain registrars" you will get a bunch of them to choose from.

@mastohost @duncanhart

Right i have my domain,
I would like to set this up as a community, i am nee to this please forgive my amature understanding, how do i turn this on.
I do not have servers ?
Do i buy hosting with any hosting company?
Do you know which company is the most secure and well protected from government shit ?

@WilliamMcGirr I do offer hosting for Mastodon on but there are others. You can find here both the list of other providers of Mastodon hosting and instructions if you want to tackle installing yourself manually on a server with a hosting provider that you want.

Personally I never had any issues or contact by any governments and I have been doing this for a few years.

@WilliamMcGirr Do notice that I only host Mastodon servers that agree with my terms of service:

@mastohost @duncanhart


So i have
What are the fees for your service to create this community.

@mastohost @duncanhart

Sorry just read that.
Where are your server centres located which countries ?

In the future if i invest in my own servers and set up is the data transferable ?

@WilliamMcGirr @duncanhart my servers are located in France, you can see a graphic of the infrastructure here:

@mastohost @WilliamMcGirr not sure how I ended up in this conversation stream. Feel free to remove me, thanks.

@duncanhart Sorry, I will remove if any further questions comes my way.

@mastohost @duncanhart

Would like to have my company name as community name. I believe i saw this option through your handle ?

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