Hi @hugo, how are you? Are you aware of any tech issues between instances hosted on the @mastohost platform?
cc @matt

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@duncanhart @matt Hello! No, not that I know of, why? Is there a problem?

@hugo don't know if there's a problem but @matt had an issue talking to me and we're both on the @mastohost platform. @matt sent a DM which appears to have forced open the connection. May have been a glitch, all is good now though.

@duncanhart @matt in theory it should even be a tiny bit better that you are on to communicate because the servers are on the same data center, so communication should be faster. But there is no incompatibility between instances on at all. I am currently responding from my personal account that is on an instance exactly like yours.

With more information I could look into what happen if you want but if it's good, it must have been some glitch.

@duncanhart @matt Please let me know if the issue happens again or send me details on what happen so I can try a dig into the logs to find out.

@hugo thank you. Do I have access to my own logs? How to get access to them?

cc @matt

@duncanhart @matt No, server logs are not available, sorry. Some logs I could provide access (others I can't because they share info from other instances) but I haven't felt the need and you are probably the first person to ask me about it.

My focus is to provide a service to people that don't know or don't want to mess with logs. Still, if you are curious or want me to look for something in your logs, you can always send me an email and I can send them to you.

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