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Many years ago the San Francisco Chronicle published a short column in which the writer mentioned that he had been traveling in India, and when he told the clerk at his hotel in New Delhi that he was from the San Francisco Bay Area the clerk responded, “Oh that is the center of the universe” Um, mumbled the traveller, and why do you say that? “Because the center of the universe is wherever there is the least resistance to new ideas.”

Dominic Cummings shows he’s part of a non elected elite that treats ‘the people’ with contempt. He's a homunculus of a man.

The aim of most experiments is to try and disprove existing thoeries ,after all, you're not going to get fame by saying "Yup, Einstein was right" but if you can prove he was wrong, then the fame comes.

solution thinking creates a culture of advocacy instead of 'inquiry,' where each person comes into the situation locked into their way of solving the problem and lobbies hard for that particular solution rather than considering multiple perspectives.

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