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Many years ago the San Francisco Chronicle published a short column in which the writer mentioned that he had been traveling in India, and when he told the clerk at his hotel in New Delhi that he was from the San Francisco Bay Area the clerk responded, “Oh that is the center of the universe” Um, mumbled the traveller, and why do you say that? “Because the center of the universe is wherever there is the least resistance to new ideas.”

Hi @hugo, how are you? Are you aware of any tech issues between instances hosted on the @mastohost platform?
cc @matt

I’d rather rub chilli powder into my eyeballs than use @wordpressdotcom block editor. Whoever thought that changing it was a good idea

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I'm struggling to believe this is true. So the files they had were on the one laptop, were they? No one ever backed them up. They can't be recovered. They didn't end up in the cloud. No one ever emailed them. They were just on that one laptop.

The more that I look at the new @Wordpress the more I realise it's been created for the developers, rather than people who write blogs

Also, as a maintainer you're used to hearing your project being criticized all the time, because people usually only take the time to mail you when they're facing a problem they can't solve.

Sometimes, just sometimes, someone will send you a short, sweet mail saying "Hey, I'm using this and it's great. Thank you for making this!".

Be that kind of positivity in life! ❤️

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