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Many years ago the San Francisco Chronicle published a short column in which the writer mentioned that he had been traveling in India, and when he told the clerk at his hotel in New Delhi that he was from the San Francisco Bay Area the clerk responded, “Oh that is the center of the universe” Um, mumbled the traveller, and why do you say that? “Because the center of the universe is wherever there is the least resistance to new ideas.”

I *fully* support this

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Last year, 28% of child sex offenders convicted of federal offences did not spend one day in jail – that has to change. That's why we're introducing mandatory jail sentences for offenders when Parliament resumes next week. The safety of our children should always be put first.

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I'm seeing a lot of reaction from cybersecurity professionals about the Florida water treatment system hack and virtually nothing from lawmakers/policymakers who could be making changes to protect our critical infrastructure.

Just deleted my #whatsapp account.

I had announced this move weeks ago, mentioning I would be available via the usual channels (phone, email, etc.) and also via #matrix. That's it. No preaching, no convincing, no expectations.

To my surprise, more than 10% of the 100+ contacts I notified, downloaded #element and all my "important" contacts are now on Matrix!

I'm thrilled!

Because Mastodon is built on open standards, anyone can write an app for it, and there are loads to choose from.

✅ You can find Mastodon apps for Android, iPhone/iPad, Linux, Mac, Windows and more at

You can of course just use your browser instead if you prefer.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Apps #MastodonApps

Congratulations to matrix for being big enough to get the VIP treatment at the Google store. But let's not fool ourselves to think this would happen to a project with a smaller community...

Earlier today @tetradian wrote "I'm _always_ learning. I never will stop learning...." That's a great attitude and a way of being.

Great video by Dr. Vandana Shiva, 'Alternative Noble Prize' winner, who explains in 87 seconds concisely how #Open #Source #Software and Open Source #Seeds are the same: "they are a way of spreading prosperity and knowledge in society rather than creating scarcitiy and povertiy."

Open Source Gardens aims to connect gardeners around the world, and encourage them to plant open source seeds (plant varieties which haven't been patented). You can follow at:

➡️ @opensourcegardens

Their website is at

#OpenSourceGardens #Gardening #Gardens #Plants #OpenSourceSeeds #Commons #Florespondence #Activism #Environment #FoodAndDrink #OffTheGrid #Solarpunk

@carbontwelve Please add me to Fediverse, Mastodon, Static Site Generators, Systems Thinking.


Want to deploy your own server ? Learn how to do it securely using

#Matrix #fedora #letsencrypt


The countdown is on: Just 7 days ‘til 2021 😱 . Have you got your tix? We can’t wait to hear from our speakers, including keynotes, Cory Doctorow @pluralistic, Omoju Miller & Limor Fried. Here's a wee teaser from Cory. #lca2021

@duncanhart You can go to Preferences->Moderation->Federation and search for the name of the instance and then click to see details (if you don't see it listed you can click the "Add New Domain Block" at the top).

Then you can either silence of suspend the domain.

@mastohost how do I unfederate from instances I don’t want to federate too?

PeerTube, the Fediverse's own alternative to YouTube, uses peer-to-peer technology to allow anyone to host their own video service without a data centre.

It received a major update today which includes support for live streaming 🎉

You can run your own PeerTube instance without technical knowledge by using a managed hosting provider such as Spacebear:

#FediTips #Fediverse #PeerTube

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